Respiratory Protection
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3M-9900 Dust/Mist Respirator - (US TC-21c-176, OUS TC-21C-410)

With high heat durability, used for heavy-duty applications throughout general industry. It has all basic benefits of the 8710 Respirator, plus a double shell construction designed to improve durability in heat and humidity. Used in steel, foundry, drop forge industries, battery manufacturing and coal-fired plants.


3M-9908 Dust/Mist Respirator - (US & OUS TC-21C-233)

With 3M recommended mercury vapour / chlorine protection, used in industries where mercury or combination of mercury/chlorine exposures exist. Absorbent in respirator removes mercury vapour up to 0.5 mg/m3 (10 X TLV), combined atmospheres of mercury up to 0.5mg/m3 and chlorine up to 5 ppm. For use in battery manufacturing, paper pulp and petrochemical industries, health care and laboratories.


3M-9913 Dust/Mist Respirator - (US & OUS TC-21C-234)

With 3M recommended nuisance level organic vapour relief, used in industries such as foundries, undercoating, petrochemical, printing, tobacco processing, coal fired plants, glass etching. paper mills, petrochemical, etc., where dust/mist protection is needed and workers are bothered by nuisance level organic vapours.


3M-9915 Dust/Mist Respirator - (US & OUS TC-21C-279)

With 3M recommended nuisance level acid gas relief, used in industries including Aluminium reduction, chemical processing, coal fired plants, glass etching, paper mills, petrochemical, etc., where dust/mist protection is needed and workers are bothered by nuisance levels of acid gases such as chlorine, hydrogen fluoride, and sulpur dioxide.


3M-9920 Dust/Mist And Welding - Fume Respirator - (US TC-21C-202, OUS-TC-21C400)

With approved protection from metal fumes, used in applications such as welding, soldering, metal cutting or metal pouring where fume hazards may exist. Provides fume - fever relief when welding on galvanized or stainless steel. Also approved for lead dusts and fumes. Easily fits under a welding hood. Exhalation valve improves worker comfort.


3M-9970 High Efficiency Respirator - (US TC-21C-437)

Available in both medium and large sizes, the 9970 high efficiency respirator fits a wide range of facial sizes and provides a comfortable fit. Features include an adjustable contoured nosepiece, a foam face seal ring and an exhalation valve for even greater worker comfort. The 9970 Respirator is used for protection from dusts, fumes, mists, and radionuclides.

The 3M TM 6000 Series Respirator Fitted with Twin Cartridges
  • 6001 for Organic vapours
  • 6002 for Acid gas.
  • 6003 Organic Vapour/Acid gas.
  • 6004 Ammonia / Methylamine.
  • 6005 for Formaldehyde or Organic Vapour
  • 6009 Mercury Vapour or Chlorine Gas.
  • 6140, 6240, 6340 for Dust, Fumes, Mists, Radionuclides, Radon Daughters, Asbestos.


An escape unit with all features of a self-contained breathing apparatus.

  • Double stage reduction.
  • Air supply through lung operated Demand Valve.
  • Soft neoprene face mask.
  • Unbreakable Polycarbonate visors

Capacity of Cylinder: 2 Ltrs.
Cylinder pressure: 150 bar
Reduced pressure: 7 bar
Duration of working: 10-15 Mts.


Artificial Resuscitator

An intermittent Positive Pressure Respirator for administering artificial respiration.


Fumex - Smoke & Fume Exhauster cum Air Blower

  • To expelt 700/1600/2200 cft/min of gases, vapours and smoke from confined areas

  • To blow 700/1600/2200 cft/min of air into non-ventilated ares such as holds, tanks and underground construction.

  • As supplied Air Breathing Apparatus

 Sand Blasting Helmet or Airline Respirator

Comfortable to wear and economical. They offer a perfect protection against grit and dust raised in blasting operations The shown shot-blasting device is available in different versions. (FRP Hood as shown in the picture or rubber coated hood for sand blasting)



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