Respiratory Protection
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Disposable Matty Cloth Mask

Matty Cloth with sandwiched foam, elastic band for secure grip. Rewashable. Single side or double side, with or without nose clip, or exhalation valves.


Kalzem Dust or Fume Masks

Soft Blue or Yellow PVC mask with cotton facelets with prefilter for dust or cartridge for chemical fumes filtration. Non returnable twin exhaust valves. Elastic band.


Countifit Gas Mask

Countifit gas mask made of soft chemical resistant rubber. Five point spider harness, roller buckle avoids hair entangle, efficient, speech diapharm and exhaust valve, replaceable panoramic visor. Flexible corrugated hose and Jumbo or chin canister Used for toxic, poisonous gases and vapours.


Gas Mask Respirator

The Gas Mask Respirator is designed to enable the wearer to breathe FRESH AIR in contaminated atmosphere after absorption of impurity of inhaled air by the chemicals filled in the CANISTER. The GAS MASK incorporates exclusive design features conforming to IS 8523 1977.


Canister are colour coded & marked for different type of gases

White Acid Gas, Chlorine Hydrogen Sulphide Yellow For Combination of Acid Gas and Organic Vapour
Black Organic Vapour, Smoke and Tear Gas, Tetra Ethyl lead Brown For Combination of Acid Gas, Organic Vapours, Smoke & Ammonia
Green Ammonia Red Universal (For Protection against Combination of Acid Gasses, Organic Vapour, Ammonia and Smoke
Blue Carbon Monoxide

Face Piece: Made of soft rubber, Moulded to fit any facial contours, provides Panoramic View through a clear replaceable wide vision visor made of acrylic sheet, Exhale VALVE to prevent build up of exhalation value CO2, provided with a Six point adjustable harness to ensure perfect leak proof air tight fit in shortest possible time.

Breathing Tube: A corrugated rubber tube, flexible, non-kinkable used to connect face piece with the chemical cannister.

Canister: Light weight Canister filled with chemicals to absorb vapours and poisonous gases to make inhaled air safe for breathing. Unidirectional non-return valve system is provided to prevent exhaled air from entering the canister. Airtight stoppers and threaded neck provided at both ends ensure that the chemicals do not deteriorate during storage of canister. Each canister is colour coded as per INTERNATIONAL system and labeled to indicate month, year of manufacturing and shelf life.

Working Duration: Working life of chemicals in the canister is more than 2 hours duration at 2000 ppm concentration and would be less at more concentration.

Caution: As soon as the user starts feeling breathing uneasiness, he should conclude either toxic gas concentration is higher than 2% or the chemical life of canister is exhausted and he must come out into safe atmosphere immediately. If the warning is not headed, the manufacturers cannot be held responsible. Cannister type respirators must never be used in atmosphere containing less than 16% Oxygen.

Shelf life of the Cannister is 5 Years provided the end caps are kept intact.


Self Contained Air Breathing Apparatus

  • The user has no contact with the ambient atmosphere, the equipment offers complete protection of the respiratory tracts during fire fighting operation or in industrial Environment, either in a premises with a high level of toxic gas or where the oxygen content has fallen below 17% in volume.

  • Exclusive and efficient two stage pressure reducing system which is safer than single reduction.

  • Exclusive emergency by-pass arrangement, which makes the BA set safe to use.

  • Loud warning whistle sounds continuously when 6-8 minutes of supply is left

  • Fiber Glass / Metal Moulded back plate shaped to provide maximum comfort.

  • Efficient lung operated demand valve fitted to airtight facemask with wide vision unbreakable visor.

  • Comfortable soft face piece, with quick snug and quick release head harness and inner nasal mask to avoid fogging or misting.

  • The complete set comes in a weatherproof case for convenient handling and storage.


  1. Capacity of Cylinder - 600 - 800 Ltrs. (or as desired)

  2. Reduced Pressure at demand valve (After 1st Stage) - 75 PSI (preset)

Duration: 15 min /30 min / 45 min / 60min.

Maintenance and operation Manual will be furnished with each set.

Optional Accessories: Airline connection can be provided. Second user provision connection can be provided.


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