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Leather Safety Shoes

Officer Sonic Lace Type Liberation
Panther Protector Blue Lace Kaltech
Safari Sportex Reflector At The Back
Jodhpuri Nitrile Dms Kaltech 5002 Sole

Safari Sole

Snow-Ankle-Boot-Button-Boot Roman


Pvc Shoes Manhattan


Dresser Comfy-Fit

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Apollo Gumboot Gumbbot Shine Half

Gumboot Duckback

Gumboot Yellow Inch White Gumboot 11 Inch

Goodyear Gumboots

Tiger Gumboot Black Tarzan Gumboots



En Approved Steel Midplate

En Approved Steel Midplate

En-Approved-Steel-Midplate Fiber Toe Cap Fiber Toe Cap
En-Approved-Steel-Toe-Cap En-Approved-Steel-Toe-Cap

Gumboot 8 Inch

Leather Safety Shoes - Jodupuri Models

Sole Specification Chart

  PVC NITRILE Natural Rubber PU TPR Leather
Heat Average Excellent Good Average Good Good
Weight Good Good Average Excellent Excellent Poor
Oil/Chem Resistance Average Excellent Average Good Poor Poor
Electric Average Good Excellent Average Average Poor
Life Average Excellent Good Good Average Poor
Bonding Average Excellent Good Good Good Poor
Flexibility Good Good Good Excellent Good Good
Puncture Resistance Poor Excellent Excellent Poor Poor Good
Abrasion Good Excellent Good Excellent Average  

Available Options

Upper Leather Plain, Zuggarain
Colours Black, Brown, Tan, Coffee Brown
Soles Direct Injection Process
  PVC Sole Nitrile Blended PVC Sole
Stuck on & Stitched Process Direct Vulcanized Process
PVC Soles PU Soles Rubber Sole Nitrile Rubber Sole
Nitrile Rubber Sole Electrical Shock Proof Rubber Sole Leather Sole
With NAL Toe Cap & Hobnails With out NAL Toe Cap & HOB Nails
Toe Caps Leather Toe, Steel Toe, Fibre Toe
Linings Softie, Split, Synthetic
Vamp Lining Split, Leather, Canvas
Usage Safety, Civil, Shock Proof upto 20 KV

Additional Options

  • Metal inserts possible for Safety from Nails puncturing through the sole

  • Paddd Ankles

  • Nail Free Construction with Fibre Toecap for Electrical Shockproof Shoes