Safety Signs

Choose the material that fits your needs

Plastic: Most economical material. Sturdy, lightweight and thicker than alumunium signs. Plastic laminate protects printed message, Stay legible up to two years outdoors. Add PLS (small) or PLL (large) suffix to product number when ordering.

Rugged and lightweight. Won't rust. Plastic laminate protects printed message. Lasts up to eight years outdoors. Tolerates temperatures up to 212F. Tough surface withstands years of chemical spills, washdowns and cleanings. Add as (small) or AL (large) suffix to product number when ordering.

Self-Adhesive: Printed on polymer plastic and laminated with a clear plastic coating to protect sensitive and bonds to the most difficult surfaces and shapes. Message stays legible up to eight hears outdoors Add SL suffix to product number when ordering.

Corrosive Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Flammable material, Keep fire away. Wear safety glasses in this area Hard hat required in this area.
Hearing protection required in this area. No smoking beyond this point. Wear personal protective clothing. Welding arc. Wear proper eye protection.
Avoid injury. Watch your step. Floor slippery when wet. Forklift traffic. Keep clear. Hazardous waste storage area. Restricted entry.
Hot surface. Do not touch. Keep all cylinders chained. Laser in use. Do not stare into the beam. Wear respirator to protect your lungs.
Wear safety glasses when using equipment. Radiation area. Authorized personnel only. All visitors register at office. Authorized personnel only.
Pitch in to keep this area clean. Eye wash station. Keep area clear. First Aid Station. Safety shower. Keep area clear.
Spill response equipment.