High Temperature Textiles

Welding - Outstanding selection & performance.

With over 30 different fabrrics to choose from, AMI makes a product to fit most any welding application-for stresss reliet, drop cloths, slag protection and more. We can also fabricate welding blankets and curtains to your specifications. Available in plain or coasted, standard or special widths, evena choice of standard or custom-dyed colors. AMI welding fabrics offer outstanding performance and temperature resistance ranging from 500F to 300F.

Heavy-duty protection

As one of the first manufacturers to recognize the superiority of aramid fibers over asbestos or fiberglass. AMI has been a pioneer in the safety clothing industry for nearly two decades. Today we offer fully integrated capabilities: making core-pun yarns, weaving, knitting, coating and aluminizing heat resistant fabrics in a wide variety of weights, widths and performance characteristics. With specially developed coatings that allow easy cutting and sewing into mitts and gloves-without sacrificing temperature resistance-our fabrics are widely used for industrial, heavy-duty hand protection.


The workhorse of asbestos subsitutes ..without the hazards.

Woven from 100% fiberglass yarns. AMI-GLAS fabrics offer excellent protection against vertical spark and slag when used as dropcloths and heat containment curtains in light-to medium-duty welding applications.

  • Continuous protection to 1000F. (538F.)
  • 100% woven texturized fiberglass
  • Melting point. 1400F.
  • Durable - ideal for application where fabric must be moved frequently
  • Strong and verstile
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Low irritation factor
  • Flexible
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Available dyed and fabricated to your specifications
Plain and aluminized military grade AMI-SIL Commercial grade AMI-SIL

 AMI High Temperature Textiles
Product Selection Guide
Use this chart to select AMI high temperature textiles you need by application and product form.

Upper Temperature Limit 1000F 1500F 3000F 650F 650F 650F Various to 1500F
Continuous Operating Temperature 1000F 1000F 1800F 600F 600F 600F Various to 1000F
Welding . . .
Insulation .
Gasketing .
Safety Clothing . . .
Product Forms . . . . . . .
Cloth (pipe lagging, removable pads on vlaues, furnace curtains, drop-cloths, stress relief) .
Tape (pipe wrap, hose wrap, oven door seals) .
Tadpole Tape (strip doors on furnaces, oven furnace, boiler door seals) . . . . .
Rope (oven furnace, boiler door seals) . . . .
Tubing (cover small diameter lines) . . . .
Blankets .. .. .. ...
Curtains . . . ..
Gloves & Mittens . . . . . . 5

Wire Mesh