Head Protection
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Brands: Tortoise, Guards and Shreearc

Fiber Glass helmet - Concorde Make: Seamless Moulded in one piece from natural reinforced fiberglass polyester resin. Heat resistant, heavy impact and scratch proof. Available with cotton headband and chinstrap or four point plastic suspension. Available in natural white, special finish and different colours.

HDPE Helmet: Cotton Head gear and Chinstrap

HDPE Helmet: Nape Strap type.

Brands: Leslico, MSA, Tortoise, Guards and Shreearc, HDPE helmet for executives - ISI Marked with four point plastic suspension.


Loader Helmet

Load carrying helmet made from hdpe with cotton harness and chinstrap - especially for construction industries


Helmet with Face Shields

Face shield made of acrylic can be fitted on to any helmet for face protection Comes in various sizes like 9" * 6", 9" * 9", 9" * 12" and in clear, blue, or green colours

Helmet Fitted with Head Lamp

Welding Helmet

With lift up arrangement to accommodate 41/4" * 31/4" welding lens. BRAND: Unicare UEE 162, Weldcor

Welding Hand Shield

Welding Head Screen

Made from quality reinforced fiberglass for high heat and impact resistance. Space for 41/4" * 31/4" glass.

Welding Hand Screen

Rachet Head Gear

Has the same feature like pinhole type except it can be adjusted easily with the help of rachet on nape.


Visor Management

Face Shield can be raised upwards as well as brought downward and kept fixed in any position you wish by specially designed mounting swill adjuster which gives positive stop to visor


Pin Hole Head Gear

Made from tough, flexible material. Straps angled to match the human head. Adjustable pin hole for both the sides i.e. on nape and head. Soft sweat band and brass adjustable wings for floating pivot.


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