Hand Protection
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Kalzem Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves

Kalzem Chrome Split Leather Gloves

Seamless strong knit gloves. Excellent stretch. Gives good fit. Keep hands dry and comfortable.

These gloves are made from soft yet durable split leather. Five finger and standard style. Double palm and reinforcement over thumb for heavy duty work.


Kalzem Hosiery: Made of Superior hosiery cloth fitted with elastic wrist, No need to match pair, Wearable for reuse. Also available in double layer.

Kalzem Chrome Canvas Gloves: Excellent combination of Chrome Split Leather for ruff and tuff wear at palm and finger. Canvas at back and wrist, makes economical and flexible five finger glove.

Kalzem Cotton Drill Hand Gloves

Kalzem Chrome Canadian Gloves

Made of drill cloth or canvas cloth. Available in various sizes from 10" to 24" and in various thickness as required.

Chrome Leather Palms with rubberized cuff and cotton backs - Excellent working gloves-28cms size.



Kalzem Asbestos Gloves

Kalzem PVC Unsupported

Superior flannel lining inside to avoid direct touch with asbestos and better life of gloves EVEREST CLOTH - Low heat resistant. S-20 CLOTH - Medium heat resistant. AMC-41 CLOTH -High heat resistant

Acid/Alkali proof. Yellow colour. Available plain or Embossed palm and fingers for better grip


Kalzem PVC Supported

Kalzem Surgical

Made from superior PVC. Inside cotton reinforcement for better grip and larger life. Concentrated chemical resistant.

Made from pure latex. Thin dipping gives skin tight fit for best grip. Acid alkali proof. Extensively used in laboratories/hospitals



Kalzem Disposable

Kalzem Rubber Hand Gloves

Made from HM/HDP material. Superior quality, Totally clean. Economical Use for packing, printing and general used.

Acid & Alkali Resistant Rubber Glovesavailable in sizes 10" to 24" and in various thicknesses.



Kalzem Post Mortem Gloves

Kalzem Electrical Rubber Hand Gloves

Tight fitting rubber gloves for hospitals and other work where chemical resistance along with dexterity and feel by hand is required.

Made from specially compounded latex for complete insulation, Seamless construction, Totally shock proof. Available in 5kv, 11kv, 15kv, 20kv, 22kv, 25kv and 30kv. Tested by authorised Government houses. Confirms to IS-4770.


Kalzem Polka Dotted Hand Gloves

Kalzem Aluminised Gloves

Polka dot coating on palm gives grip/oil resistance. Knitted elastic wrist for better fit.

Aluminise front and back reflects 90% of radiant heat. Keep hand protected to withstand temperatures upto 1200C, Extra woolen lining provided inside Excellent for fire proximity and molten metal splash.


Kalzem Lifter Gloves

Kalzem Metal Staple Gloves

Made from superior full grain cow leather. Open finger design let you maintain the digitate dexterity lifting job require.

Chrome split leather with reinforced palm by Metal Staple. For handling barbed wire and objects with sharp edges.


Kalzem Special Hazard Gloves

Kalzem Chainex

Thick Rubber reinforcement on cushion padded canvas gloves. Excellent to handle sharp glass heat, mitton type of glove. Extensively used in glass industries.

Gloves made of metal chains, of stainless steel, totally flexible, for protection from cutting knives.


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