Fall Protection
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Karam range of Belts

Nylon Safety Body Belt

This belt is made of Poly Propolin tape with Metal fittings. This belt is used for all general purposes - ISI and DGMS approved. Maximum safe drops 1.8 Mtrs.


Vessel Cleaning Belt

This full body harnesses is used for cleaning the vessel having 2D' rings on shoulder straps and 1D' ring at the back with 3 ropes fitted on a ring on top which makes lifting a person much more easier in standing position from any place.

All the fittings are PVC coated have no effect of any chemical on them, and it is also rust proof. Maximum safe drop is 60 CMS. ISI Marked.


Linesman Pole Safety Belt

For use in climbing poles etc. on working sites. Maximum safe drop is 60 Cms. ISI Marked.


Full Body Harnesses

Fall Arrest Harnesses are used for personal protection against fall from heights. This belt consists of shoulder, thigh, seat, chest and waist straps, which can be adjusted as required. Two tones model to make it easier to differentiate upper part. The webbing is made in 44mm nylon width with two tones strength Nylon rope of 12mm & 2 meters and steel spring hook.


Leather Linesman's Safety Belt and Strap

The electricity board uses this belt. The strap of this belt is made of Newprin rubber nylon reinforced with two hooks on either side.

Girder Hanger Rope Grabber or Fall Arrestor

Can be attached to safety line for fixing to overhead girders. Made of stainless steel.

For attaching to running lifeline, shall arrest a person's fall by special locking device which holds on to the lifeline in case of fall.


  1. Horizontal hook on holder in steel 14" - 16" -18"

  2. Twisted hook
  3. Welded hook
  4. Spring hook with locking device
  5. Spring hook
  6. Rectangular Carabian spring hook with locking device in steel 6"
  7. Same in 4"
  8. Same in oval shape with locking device
  9. Same without locking device. MS Spring hook with locking device

Other Belts available are

Climbing Belt:
It is mainly used for painting billboards or on towers were sitting position is necessary, in addition to the body strap.

Board Belts: This belt is used for pole and other Piller's . Man can sit comfortably on padded seat belt and waist strap on Rope can be putted on the front D'ring.

Monkey Board Derric Belt (Front Open): This belt is adbomenal-positioning belt padded for leaning while working and it also has double safety steel closing system with 2 rectangular buckles. M.S. sheet D'ring for connection to a restraint system and two nylon ropes fitted on the D'ring with sheet cut hooks.

Monkey Board Derric Belt (Back Open): The belt is made of 225mm nylon tape at the waist and its shoulder straps are of 30mm nylon, these straps are attached to 75mm back pad with D'ring to fix the life line. This is snap on and buckles on combining monkey board and Derric belt.


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