Ear Protection

Kalzem Ear Guard

This dielectric ear muff incorporates the most advanced know-how and has excellent features. Made of high impact proof PP for rugged use. No exposed metal parts, fully dielectric, safe from electrical hazards. Polyurethene / liquid filled ear cushions ensure maximum attenuation and comfort. Highly visible & large caps with foam insert. Automatic slide device gives fitting to all head size. Unique swivel designs headband fits over or behind head under chin and even with safety helmets and face shields.


Kalzem Safe Fit

Three flanges help blockout noise and conform to ear canal for a custom, comfortable noise protection fit. Washable thus can be reused thereby saving money and keeping excess stock. Soft silicon material for strength and comfort available with rigid "inserts". Safe fit are non-allergic, non-toxic and less abrasive. Corded to keep earplugs together, can be hung around neck when not in use.


Kalzem Hear Guard

Domes made from P.P. Vinyl covered from earmuff seals for both comfort and high performance. Fully adjustable plastic headband is sponge cushioned for all day wearing comfort. Precision-engineered earmuffs allow more normal conversational hearing. Conforms to IS-6229.


Kalzem Helmet with Earmuffs Attachment

Slot provided for earmuff attachment. Gives dual protection (ear & head). Perfect fitting and adjustment for wearer comfort. Unique closed cell polyester foam. Smooth tapered surface similar to ear canal for comfort fit.

Two in one: Combination of helmet and Ear Muff.


Foam Earplug with cord- 3M Make

Exposure to noise levels above 85 dB can cause hearing loss. 3M earplugs have a NOISE REDUCTION RATING OF 29 dB. Disposable, effective, comfortable, and hygienic. Bright colour makes compliance check easier. Swells slowly to fit individual ear canal. Corded to keep earplugs together, can be hung around neck when not in use.


Kalzem Comfit Ear Plugs

Made from soft nonshrink flexible non-allergic vinyl material for full time wear. Safe durable easy to clean. Available in 3 sizes all with silken cord for safe handling. Economical, easy to handle and packed in attractive container and cloth.


Kalzem Ear Muff

Designed with many high quality features. Comfort for extended use. Exceptionally light weight and attractive - made with easily adjustable cushion padded head band, with long life chrome plated springs, shaped muffs with cushion or liquid filled liners, and the big plus is it is durable. BRAND: Escorts.


Kalzem Targo Foldable

The Bilson Targo Foldable can be folded and put in your pocket or a special pouch on your belt. It only weight 183 g, and the wide head band makes it very comfortable to use. It protects effectively against damaging noise levels. The spacious earmuffs are easy to adjust vertically with the telescopic headband. Wide, soft easily replaceable ear cushions.


Kalzem Targo Plugs

Bilsom Targo Foam are earplugs made of plastic foam, completely free from PVC. The conical shape and the special foam, which expands to fit perfectly, make these earplugs both convenient and effective. A must for good protection against the high noise levels.