Industrial Garments
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Kalzem Boiler Suit Disposable Overall

Made from thick drill cloth or terry cotton cloth with 8 Pockets, 2 way zipper, available in various colours and with or without logo, printed or embroidered.

Available in Flame Retardant Kalagni Rakshak Fabric also.


Made fron Tyvek Disposable fabric

Kalzem PVC Suit

Kalzem PVC Apron

Made from good quality toylamina PVC cloth with zip / velcro and buttons, in pant, coat and hood with acrylic visor, or boiler suit model suitable for chemical resistance. Electrically welded seams.

Normally used for body and clothing protection in various Industrial and Laboratory uses, Available in 24'' * 36''. 36'' * 48''. Electrically welded seams. Also available - back open, full sleeved aprons.

Kalzem Positive Pressure Suit

Made from thick yet soft PVC with clear hood & exhaust valve with multi air flow at back. Multiple air-supply ensures air at every point. Specially designed front entry avoids tear and leakage. Full opening from chest gives easy wearing and flap to product. Double sleeves for glove holding and double cover at bottom permits gumboot to fit in. Special hangets given for storage. Can be used with mini regulator, bulb filter, with connect coupling, braided hose & retractable nylon hose can be supplied with suit. Generally used in plants where the gas or powder is highly allergic. Sure positive pressure. Also available in strong double coated nylon sandwiched cloth.

Kalzem PVC Overall Kalzem Rubber Apron

Consists of pearl cap to protect head. Sleeves with elastic at both the ends. Shoe legging, Bib apron available in 24'' * 36'', 24'' * 48'' or as per your need. Electrically welded. Available separately.

Mackintosh cloth sandwiched rubber with long ties and reinforced edges. Available in 24'' * 36'', 24'' * 48'' or as per your need.

Kalzem Asbestos Suit Kalzem Aluminised Glass Fibre Suit

Made from closely woven asbestos in free sizes for wearer comfort. Consists of Hood with blue/clear (acrylic) Visor, Gloves, Safety Shoe with leather soles, and single piece boiler suit made of asbestos

Also available in pant and cost model

Asbestos material available AMC-41, S-20, EVEREST.


Made from aluminised glass fibre cloth with vapour/heat resistant lining. Stitched with "KEVLAR" thread consists of hood, visor and helmet. Cover all with or without BA set pouch. Shoes with oil and heat resistant sole. Gloves with insulation.

Gas Tight Suits - Respires, U.K. SC4 Splash Contamination Suit - Respires, U.K.

The suit is one piece design with integral boots, gloves and wide vision visor. (The range of materials available are Butyl, Neoprene, Viton, Hypalon, PVC and combination of any of the above material)

This is a one-piece coverall chemical protection suit designed to protect both the wearer and his breathing apparatus from chemical splashes

Simplair A.E. Suits, Blouse - Respirex, U.K.

Advance Protection for Hazardous Environments.


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