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High Visibility

Flourescent orange nylon mesh is available in plain and vinyl coated flame retardent. Ideal for applications where high visibility is required. Relective stripes and binding. Velcro closure and special designs are available upon request.

Application: Traffic Signaling, roadwork, police & fire department use.

Fume Torch

Three cell explosive proof torch - C.C.E Approved / DGMS approved.


Life Jacket


For saving life in water.

Made out of waterproof, lightweight polyester with special padding to provide buoyancy. Keeps a sinking man's head out of the water and allows him to breathe until help arrives.

Safety Sign Boards

Can be made to order - In STICKER form, in BOARD form in metal sheet or Acrylic. Can be wall mounted or stands can be provided for ground mounting. Available in Plain Colours or Fluorescent Colours for greater visibility at night.

Wind Indicating Sock Available with stand

The Stand: Having single ball bearing, double ball bearing or cage type stand to support the whole sock. The stand has a 2 feet diameter ring and a long GI Pipe.

The Sock: Can be made in plain red and white stripes or in Fluorescent colours, in polyester cloth or in nylon and in 5 feet long.


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